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Theater in SF Bay Area

  • Gritty City Repertory Youth Theatre
    Gritty City Repertory is an Oakland-based theatre company that nurtures, stimulates and transforms. Our unique space inspires young adults to risk and explore, developing leadership, confidence, and compassion for their human family through the production of powerful theatre.
  • The Flight Deck
    The Flight Deck is a collaborative arts space and performance venue that opened on June 6, 2014 in Downtown Oakland, where artists of all kinds and ages can work, play, collaborate, learn and thrive.
  • New Conservatory Theatre Center
    The mission of New Conservatory Theatre Center is to champion innovative, high quality productions & educational theatre experiences for youth, artists, and the queer & allied communities to effect personal & societal growth, enlightenment and change.
  • Impact Theatre
    Since 1996 Impact Theatre has spoken to a new generation of theatre goers and longtime enthusiasts alike who want to see something fresh and fearless on stage.
  • Custom Made Theatre Co
    The Custom Made Theatre Co. is committed to producing plays that awaken our social conscience, focusing on the strength of the ensemble and creating an intimate theatrical experience.
  • 3 Girls Theatre
    3Girls Theatre is a company of women playwrights in the truest sense of the word: co-conspirators, partners, enthusiastic supporters of one another’s work.
  • Wily West Productions
    Wily West Productions formed in 2008 to provide a locally run, locally cast, locally produced outlet for new plays by Bay Area playwrights.
  • foolsFury Theater
    The mission of foolsFURY Theater Company is to revitalize the American theater by Creating ground-breaking visceral performances that inspire audiences and artists to reconsider and reconnect with the world around them, Emphasizing qualities of the theater that can only be experienced live, and Advancing artistic dialogue through training, research and presentation.
  • PianoFight Productions
    A New Live Performance Venue
  • Virago Theatre Company
    Virago Theatre Company is a partnership of artists and educators dedicated to cultivating and producing new works and provocative interpretations of contemporary theater.